FP7 Project:”MULTICUBE – MULTI-objective design space exploration of MULTI-processor SoC architecture for embedded MULTI-media applications”

Politecnico di Milano will play the role of project management and coordination
Other Partners: STMicroelectronics Italy and China, DS2, IMEC, ESTECO, University of Cantabria, ALaRI РUniversità della Svizzera Italiana, ICT-Beijing

Many point tools exist to optimize particular aspects of embedded systems. However, an overall design space exploration framework is needed to combine all the decisions into a global search space, and a common interface to the optimization and evaluation tools.
The MULTICUBE project focuses on the definition of an automatic multi-objective Design Space Exploration (DSE) framework to be used to tune the System-on-Chip architecture for the target application evaluating a set of metrics (e.g. energy, latency, throughput, bandwidth, QoR, etc.) for the next generation embedded multimedia platforms.

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